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Janice Wright

Saskatoon SK
- October 01, 2017

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Janice Helene Wright passed away the evening of 01 October. She was surrounded by loved ones. She had so much love and compassion for those that were lucky enough to be included in her circle. Janice had a sharp sense of humor, could find joy in the simple pleasures of life. She loved fiercely and in turn was loved back by so many. She leaves behind her four children, Deborah, David, Danny and Deanna. She will be missed by her son in laws Brad and Brian, her daughters in law, Heather and Tanya as well as her Grandchildren, Kristen, Kayla, Sarah, Kevin, Kerissa, Dema, Kyle, Robert, and Jason and her two Great Grandchildren, Jackson and Lyneah. She will be missed by her sisters June and Wanda and her brother Ron. Janice will be reunited with her daughter Sherri, her parents Ann and Julius and her brother Jim.

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Condolence Messages

Debbie Armstrong

Written October 20, 2017 from Ottawa, ON

From my Moms sister June.

A few things I remember
The face of my sweet sister in the picture with Jimmy and me on the wagon. I still see that face in all the pictures I have seen of her ever since.
We spent many days playing outside in those days at the end of WWII.

All the fun we had! Neighbourhood Night, Chippewa Park, snow sledding, tobogganing, skating at Tarbett Park, learning how to skip double-dutch, trading comics, playing cut-outs etc with good friends and neighbors. We had much freedom to wander and wonder. What a wonderful childhood!!

Jimmy always had some master plan in the works. Most of these great adventures required that we take the baby (Jan) with us. This adventure was before I started school, so I would have been about 4 and Jan would have been 2. The idea was that we wouldn't get in trouble if we took the baby with us. So a trip to Port Arthur for the 3 of us it was!! We had been to this gsmilts house for an outdoor picnic and party sometime before and had such a good time that Jim thought a repeat visit was in order. We took the streetcar (unaccompanied by an adult) to the fairgrounds where we transferred to a bus. We found their place after walking several blocks. How Jimmy remembered how to get there is beyond me. The folks called our home and asked Mom if anyone was missing. She thought we were at the park. We spent the day and they drove us home. The backless chair was waiting for Him when we got home!

We had many more adventures throughout our young lives that needed Jan's participation. We sold the daily paper at the cafe's and bars along Simpson Street. We sold more when the cute little blue-eyed blonde was with us.

When we were in grade 1 (Jan) and grade 3 (me) we moved to the house in Empire Avenue. It was winter and the snow was very deep. Jan and I walked to Isabella School. She was so tiny she got stuck in the snowaround the corner at Norah Street. I had to get Mom to come help dig her out. She went back home and I went to school. We met Maureen and Valerie Patterson the day we moved in and were joined at the hip ever since. Two of the best friends anyone could ever have and still have today.

Our Mother would take us all on the bus for berry picking in Vickers Heights. When we got home, Mom would make jam and bake bread. We still talk about all the gun we had so long ago. Everyone loved to come to our place to play cards and board games and stay for supper. Jan would recite the Grace in German.

Jan was always ready for fun and adventure, riding her bike down the Jack Knife bridge and daring me to do the same. I took her skiing and she found the only tree on the slope to grab and yell for help. She really enjoyed the attention of the Ski Patrol.

Jan had a great sense of humor, which she passed on to her daughters. You never knew which one you would get, the snarky one or the playful one.

I admired her courage during her sorrow and troubled times. She was fiercely loyal, a fantastic Mother, and a great friend.

She will be missed but always will be remembered in our hearts and memories for the rest of our lives.

Jan, I wish I could be there to dance at tour party-jive, stroll, bunny-hop, etc. Roll up my jeans, turn up my collar and put on my bobby socks.

Goodbye sweet sister, I'll catch you on the flip side


Debbie Armstrong

Written October 06, 2017 from Ottawa, ON

Although you're gone, I'm not alone,
And never will I be,
All the precious memories of the bond we shared
Will never depart from me.
Our love surpassed the ups and downs
And helped us along the way,
And that same love will give me strength
To manage this loss each and every day.
On my mind and in my heart,
Mom, you shall forever be,
For just as much as I am a part of you,
You will always be a part of me!

My Mom was a strong and spirited woman who raised 4 incredible children, we are all grown now, have children of our own, and the strength and humor that was the essence of Mom has guided us and made us the people we are today. For my siblings, I want you to know that I love each of you, only geographical distance divides us.

Mom gave me the gift of loving the joy of writing, a gift I share with my sister. I've always been a collector of quotes, so for everyone who is grieving..
"It's good to have an end to journey toward; but it's the journey to the end that matters, in the end."
Ernest Hemingway

Mom, you had one great journey, love always, to infinity and beyond and more than my heart can love.

Your favourite!


Written October 04, 2017 from Ottawa, ON

Thinking of you all at this difficult time. Debbie you and your family are all in my heart.

Art and Heather Mahar

Written October 04, 2017 from Cornwall , PEI

Brad, Deanna and family. So sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you all today and always.