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Jack Arnold

- November 20, 2017

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Chief Warrant Officer Jack Arnold CD retired, age 82, passed away on Monday, November 20, 2017. He was born to the late Cecil and Rosetta Arnold on September 13, 1935 in Battersea, England. At the out break of WWII, at the age of 4, he and his family were evacuated to Canada where they lived with his Gramma Herzog in Rodney, Ontario. Jack, affectionately known as “Sprat”, was a spirited, inquisitive child who found many ways to entertain himself. Though having fun, he often found himself in trouble with his Mum. Investigating in the woods and creek often led to pet snakes and toads being brought home while his chores were left undone! As he grew up, Boy Scouts, hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures were things he loved to do. In January, 1952, at the age of 16, Jack joined the Royal Canadian Air Force where he trained to become an Air Frame Technician. He re-mustered to Radar Technician. Through his hard work, dedication and education, he earned the rank of Chief Warrant Officer. He loved learning about the various aircrafts as well as seeing many parts of the world. While stationed in Germany, he took a leave to visit his cousin in England. There he met the love of his life, Joan. They were married in North Bay, ON in December of 1958. While serving in the military, Jack and his family lived in various places in North American including Senneterre & Mont Apica, QU, Bilox, Mississippi, Barrington Passage, NS and Dana SK. Once retired from the R.C.A.F. in 1976, Jack worked as head of electronics in the Geology Dept. at the U of S. Here again, Jack excelled in his position. He worked on many geological surveys across North America including the Arctic, AZ, BC and AB. Jack liked to keep busy and retirement was no exception. As Jack loved the outdoors, he and Joan spent many summers camping at Little Bear Lake fishing, berry picking, hiking and enjoying the quiet. Jack loved to explore the riverbank. He and Joan walked miles everyday with their dog Shadow. He would be quick to report the first crocuses in spring or when wild Saskatoon Berries were ready for picking. Though the berries and apples were great for jellies and pies, Jack’s favorite use was to make homemade wines. These he graciously shared with family and friends. Jack loved animals. There was always at least one pet to love and care for. Jack took great joy in having Simba run over at the sound of his voice and keep his lap warm. Retirement also allowed Jack to see the world. He and Joan went on many cruises. They rounded Cape Horn, visited Australia, Sochi, the Baltics, Mediterranean, Alaska and North Africa just to name a few. Once retired from cruising, Jack and Joan downsized and moved to a condo. There they enjoyed happy hours and coffee mornings. Jack is survived by his son Jim and daughter-in-law Tania, grandchildren Brittany Arnold, Erin Craven, Evan Craven, Eric Craven and Shantaya Arnold, twin sister Jill Soos, and brother Geoffrey (Rae) Arnold. He was predeceased by his wife Joan (October 2017) his parents Cecil and Rosetta Arnold and Jack’s and Joan’s daughter Charlene, November 1979. The family wishes to thank the staff at City and Royal University Hospitals, as well as the staff at Prairie Springs Care Homes for all their patience, kindness and support of Jack and our family over the last few months. We are truly grateful.

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